Cecilia Anastos, Meta Intelligence: The Basics of Open Source Intelligence Investigations

Serious collection of cyber intelligence goes beyond just using Google. In this workshop, students learn techniques and tools to collect accurate information in a timely manner.

Open Source Intelligence techniques allow officers and analysts to learn incredible amounts of actionable information about their community, their citizens, and those who would commit crimes against them.

Several Midlothian officers have taken classes with Ceci, and we are positively thrilled she has agreed to run these workshops – if you have detectives, analysts, or officers curious about intelligence, send them. It’s a great class.

Cecilia Anastos has received many recommendations for her work, being the most recent ones a letter of appreciation from Fishers Police Department (IN) for her ad-honorem OSINT work to aid in the identification of a perpetrator of Internet Crimes Against Children; a Certificate of Appreciation from the Federal Bureau of Investigations for her contributions on Best Practice Guidelines on OSINT Collection to the Law Enforcement Agencies; and the Flag Flown in the State of Texas for support provided to the US Navy SEALs. Her company, Meta Intelligence, provides training for departments and units, and we highly recommend them!

Ceci holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Intelligence w/sp in Middle East Issues, a Graduate Certificate in Cybercrime, and a B.A. in Criminal Justice w/sp in Psychology. Fluent in five languages, she is a pioneer in the utilization of digitized open source and publicly available information to create actionable intelligence, and in the reduction of digital signatures in the cyberspace domain; and has designed many of the cyber programs currently used atthe US Navy Special Operation Forces, police departments, and private sector. Ms. Anastos is a professor at Michigan State University and San Diego State University.

In 2016, Ms. Anastos was identified as one of the most influential leaders in the field of cyber security by the San Diego Business Journal’s SDBJ500.