Deputy Inspector Roberto Rios, NYPD: Field Intelligence Operations

The Field Intelligence Officer (FIO) Program is a very innovative program within the New York City Police Department. The Program is assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Section within the Intelligence Bureau and consists of Members of the Service in the rank of Sergeant posted within patrol oriented locations to perform as a liaison to the Intelligence Bureau.

The FIO Program currently consists of one hundred seven (108) Field Intelligence Officers out of 34,500 uniformed members within the Department. The main function of a Field Intelligence Officer is to develop, follow-up, and disseminate criminal intelligence, but also to assist Precinct Commanders to develop crime strategies and identify criminal trends. The duties and responsibilities of a Field Intelligence Officer remain fluid and are constantly changing to reflect the current crime trends throughout the city. A major function is to conduct interviews and debriefings of prisoners to obtain updated criminal intelligence and to assist in criminal investigations conducted by the Detective Bureau and other investigative unit within the New York City Police Department .

In New York City we are seeing that a majority of the recent shooting incidents have a nexus of either being gang/crew related or motivated. Traditionally, to combat gangs the focus of investigating them was through the use of conducting narcotic related investigations. As the motivation of gangs/crews changed from being involved in the narcotics trade into conducting other acts of criminality, we as a Department had to identify vulnerabilities to combat them. This is shown with investigations conducted FIO Program within the non-traditional sense.

One investigation focused on the Lyman Place Crew, who were notorious for violence with the Morrisana area of the Bronx within New York City. With the use of social networking and recorded jail calls the Program was able to identify shooting/attempted murder incidents where this crew was involved in. Based on this investigation numerous members of this crew were indicted and convicted of criminal conspiracy.