Management Tracks

Management Track Sessions

These are sessions of particular interest to agency administrators, supervisors, and support staff. SPACE IS LIMITED AND SEATS ARE FILLING.

Chief Carl D. Smith, Midlothian Police Department

Agency Collaboration: Now, More Than Ever

17 October 0815-0845

Keynote: Sheriff Bill Waybourn:
Ad Hoc & Not: Sharing Strategies

17 October 0845-0945

Keynote: Kevin Branzetti, District Attorney of New York
ISIS Tactics – Kids, Drones, Vehicles and Bombs
An overview of ISIS tactics seen throughout the world – a riveting, compelling, and highly important discussion of terror tactics from the Deputy Chief of Intelligence at the NYC DA’s Office, and former commanding officer of the cyber counterterror program at NYPD

17 October fro 1010-1105 

Lunchtime Keynote: Deputy Chief Bill Humphrey (Dallas Police Department)
July 7, 2016: The Attack on Dallas PD

17 October from 1210-1315

Kevin Branzetti, District Attorney of New York
Standing up Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations

From staffing to software and hardware, to policy and procedure: A simple, straightforward How To guide from a man who helped establish the largest domestic local law enforcement intelligence unit in the country.

17 October from 1320 to 1530

Cecilia Anastos, Meta Intelligence

The basics of Open Source Intelligence Investigations

17 October from 1320 to 1530

 Popick & Harrington:

Human Intelligence Programs & Confidential Informants: Developing and running sources

No one knows HUMINT programs like Popick & Harrington.

18 October from 0800 to 1005

 Chris DeLeon, Dallas Police Department:

Child Exploitation Investigations: ICAC COPS

Who is downloading child pornography in your city? How do you know? The answers will surprise you.

18 October from 1030 to 1130

Lunchtime Keynote:  Dep. Inspector Roberto Rios, NYPD Intel Bureau, Criminal Intelligence Section:
From CIs to Operations: Case Studies and Lessons from the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau
18 October 1140-1300

Panel Discussion – Media Relations Survival Guide:

Establishing Relationships With The Press Before Serious Incidents Occur
Natalie Solis (FOX), Bob Gilmartin (Dateline NBC); Monica Cordova (City of Dallas), Kevin Johnson (Midlothian PD), Gary Bunyard (SST)

18 October 1415-1515

NYPD Director of Information Security Yosef Lehrman
Defending Police Networks Against Cyber Attacks

From the man who defends from cyber-attacks each day the largest police network in the world.

18 October 1540-1640

Gary Spurger, HSCO – Standing up a High Tech Crime Unit

From staffing to software and hardware, to policy and procedure

From the man who founded the first high-tech crime unit in South Texas: everything you need to know.

19 October from 0800 to 1130

Chief Aaron Ausmus, Dalworthington Gardens DPS:

Tactical Medic Program: Embedding Tactical Medicine in High-Risk Operations

19 October from 0905 to 1005

Lt. Dan Colasanto, Garland, PD SWAT

Cartoons of Muhammad Terror Attack

A step-by-step discussion of the preparation for the event, the terrorist attack, and the aftermath. This amazing, detailed, hilarious, and fascinating talk is a can’t-miss.

19 October (1140-1300)