Officer Francisco Artes: Investigations on the Internet of Things

Francisco Artes is a Master Peace Officer with more than thirteen years experience in law enforcement. He is a TCOLE certified instructor, and is commissioned as a reserve officer with the Lago Vista Police Department specializing in high-tech crime investigation. He has trained international, federal, and state law enforcement agencies on electronic surveillance techniques, computer forensics, and evidence collection.

In his civilian life, he is a recognized information security executive who helped form many of the best practices for securing intellectual property within the computer gaming, motion picture, and television industries.

He currently serves as an architect and spokesperson for the Security Business Group, Office of the CTO at Cisco Systems, and has served as the Head of IT, Security, and DevOps for MaxPlay; the Principal Engineer and Chief Technical Architect for NSS Labs; Vice President, Chief Architect / Content Protection for Trace3; Vice President, Security Worldwide for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group; and as the Director of worldwide security for Electronic Arts.